Help your child with intensive Teen Counseling in Los Angeles

Teenagers are often seen as naturally moody and ill-disciplined, doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and sometimes annoying everyone around them. While your teenager may have started out in this stereotypical role, over time you may have started to notice more worrying signs, indications that your child may be suffering from mental health problems or could even be using drugs. If you are concerned about this situation, then you can get help from Insight Treatment. We offer effective teen counseling in Los Angeles for depression and drug addiction, as well as other problems such as eating disorders and issues at school.

Teen Counseling in Los Angeles

Teenagers and bad moods

Teenagers are often extremely distant from parents and older relatives, and it can be very easy to ignore signs of problems with your child as mood swings or bad behavior. Trying to crack down on your child’s manners, perhaps by sending them to another part of the country or putting them into a boot camp, can have short-term benefits but may cause serious long-term damage to the child and to your relationship with them. These types of program are also not there to assess your child and check that there is nothing seriously wrong – so you could be sending your depressed and anxious child to a place that results in them feeling worse.


Why your teen might need help

Mental health and substance abuse problems become apparent during adolescence, and many teens will start showing behaviors which suggest that they do have a problem. If you are concerned about your child and substance abuse, then you will be pleased to hear that under 10% of all teens have used hard drugs such as cocaine, painkillers or inhalants. Less than 40% of students have used Marijuana and 72% have never tried a cigarette. When it comes to mental health, more girls have suffered from depressive symptoms that have tried drugs, and 10% have attempted suicide. These are serious issues which should be causing concern to parents. Whether you are worried that your child might be addicted to drugs or are suffering from emotional problems, teen counseling can be one way to resolve the issue and not only improve their behavior, but also give them a better chance in life, with the skills that they need to have a better future.


Drug counseling in teens

Teenagers involved in drug use benefit from early intervention. There, we can start to teach them ways to overcome dependence on drugs and to move them away from peer groups that might lead them back into addiction. Early intervention also helps teenagers who have started to drop grades or have become problematic at school or at home. These services are designed to give them the skills that they need to negotiate their way around life. We can also have family-therapy that will assist everyone in your household to combat teenage behaviors and confront issues as soon as they occur.


Depression counseling in teens

An often overlooked problem in teenagers is depression. The teen years are often the starting point for many mental health problems, including unipolar depression. A teen can be assessed by our staff for signs of these issues, and the appropriate treatment provided. More children than ever are starting to display signs of emotional disturbance and in an age where they are more isolated and alone than previously, they might not be able to express themselves. Some evidence suggests that teenagers are also more exposed than ever before to facing condemnation from parents and peers for things that would have been overlooked in the past. This can lead to children being alone and vulnerable at a time when depressive disorders are developing. This can be exhibited in ways that distress the parent, and where treatment may be necessary.


Effective Teen Counseling in Los Angeles for all problems

If you have decided that your child needs help for one problem or the other, then you may have been looking for a counseling service which focuses solely upon that particular issue. For example, many parents that want to treat a child for drug addiction may look for facilities with inpatient rehab. These can be expensive, and they will also interfere with the child’s schooling and social life. If the problem lies in depressive disorders, then isolating them in this manner will not benefit them. Instead, you need a treatment program such as that offered by Insight Treatment. We provide an assessment and placement service which allows us to identify the causes of your child’s behavioral problems as well as the best treatment program to resolve it. Help your troubled teen to move into more confident adulthood with a course of teen counseling in Los Angeles at Insight Treatment by calling our team at (800) 599-8820 today.