Supportive Teen Help in Sherman Oaks

When you need teen help in Sherman Oaks with addiction or other struggles, it can be hard to know where to turn. Sure, there may be many different places available for treatment. However, not many of them specifically treat teens. Some may say they do, but then they use the same treatment methods that they’ve been using on adults for many years. Teenagers face unique challenges that aren’t replicated at any other stage of life. So, the methods to treat them must be specific to them and their experiences. In this blog, we’ll go over some of how we can help teens at the Insight Treatment Center.

Our Teen Help in Sherman Oaks

At Insight, we treat teens that are facing many different kinds of challenges. Many of our patients are struggling with addictions, whether to alcohol or drugs. That’s far from all we can help teenagers to overcome, however. We’ve treated so many teens over the years who are dealing with mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression or trauma.  Beyond that, we can help with aggressive behaviors or even self-harming. Grief, low self-esteem, co-dependency, academic problems and so many others: If you believe your teen is suffering from some kind of problem that we could help them to overcome, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Scheduling an initial assessment with us is free and easy to do.

Early Intervention

Not all of our patients come to us after they’ve already hit “rock bottom.” Indeed, we have a “Teen Rehab Early Intervention Program” that’s made specifically for teens that are beginning to experience problems. The goal of this treatment program is to head off problems, stopping them before they develop. Typically, teens that benefit most from this program are those that are struggling with their family members, peers, social functioning in general, self-image or are beginning to experiment with alcohol and drugs. What’s great about this program is that it helps teens to experience a sense of competency and positive self-image that gives them what they need to achieve their goals.

Supportive Teen Help in Sherman Oaks

Early Intervention Signs

One of the first questions we usually get asked about our early intervention program is “how do I know that it’s time to reach out about this? What are the signs?” Usually, it’s when the teen suffers a massive drop in grades or changes to a more negative peer group. Often, these things happen in tandem. They can also coincide with school or home problems. Should these behaviors begin to occur with your teen, this program can help. By intervening early, our program can help to stop these problems before they escalate. Adolescence and young adulthood is always complicated and it’s never easy. This early treatment program is one more way to help your teen to not only head off and avoid problems, but to thrive.

Group Therapy

Of course, early intervention isn’t the only program we offer. Over the years, we’ve utilized several successful modalities. One of the most effective has been teen group therapy. When teens sit down and see how other teens are dealing with the same issues they are, the life-changing effects can be powerful indeed. Social skills, emotional regulation, substance abuse, medication management, depression, trauma – when teens see peers have the same issues, it can make a significant difference. Teens know what they’re feeling and what they’re going through, but they may not have the words yet to express it. When they see someone else dealing with the same thing, it can help them to grow. They can recognize in themselves what’s going on with someone else.

For teens that are just starting with our group therapy, they can feel like they’re at their lowest. It can seem like they’re at the foot of a mountain with no real way to scale it. Then, when they come to the group itself, they see other teenagers who have been where they are right now but have advanced; it can make such a difference. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so impossible. Indeed, someone who’s been there they are and overcome it is sitting in a group with them. From there, the teens support each other and build a level of commitment. The strength and support they offer each other can lead to a greater sense of confidence.

Help is available. It may not always seem that way, it may seem like a teen’s struggles are too great. We designed our treatment plans to give teens the help they need to overcome their issues. By treating the underlying problems and not just the symptoms, the symptoms eventually disappear. We also offer support groups for parents, too. Getting the parents involved tends to lead to the best overall long-term results. To start the process, head to our site or give us a call at (800) 599-8820.