Insight Treatment Centers Process

At our Insight Treatment Centers, we treat young adults and teenagers who have addiction and mental health issues. We believe that adolescents can only be treated by dealing with all aspects of their lives. For the most effective treatment, they shouldn’t receive the same treatment that adults or children would receive. That’s why we make our treatment methods specific to people their age. We incorporate all of that into our treatments, so as to help young people as well as their families find hope. In this blog, we’ll go over how our process works.

Insight Treatment Centers Treatment Aspects

We’ve found over the years that if treatment addresses a teenager’s emotions, but not their biological factors, it doesn’t serve them well. The same goes for if their psychological needs are treated and their spiritual needs are ignored. To treat teenagers properly, to give them the most help, all of the aspects of their lives must be addressed. So, here at Insight, we make sure to treat their psychological factors as well as their emotional, familiar, biological, spiritual and even academic. By addressing each of them in turn, we can devise a treatment plan that perfectly fits a young person.

Treating Underlying Issues

At Insight, we don’t just treat the symptoms; we treat the underlying issues that cause them. Self destructive behaviors like addiction or self harm come from mental health issues. We’ve found that these don’t just “come out of nowhere.” Indeed, they tend to be the manifestations of issues that teenagers have had to suffer with for some time. As we treat the underlying issues, the symptoms disappear. That means as our Insight professionals treat childhood traumas and ADHD, symptoms like suicidal behaviors are eventually eliminated. By treating the underlying issues, the symptoms don’t come back.

Insight Treatment Centers Process

What We Treat

The problems that a teenager can have affect not just the teenager but their family as well. For more than 25 years, we’ve helped teenagers to overcome panic attacks, overwhelming anxiety, substance abuse, self-ham, OCD, eating disorders, coping issues, chronically low self esteem, and even eating disorders. In fact, we’ve also managed to help so many teens to overcome trust, character and self-identity issues. We’re able to do that because we support each young person that comes to our facility. Teens are looked over by our entire team. Working in tandem, we develop a plan that fits the exact needs of that teen.

Outpatient Services

When we say “come to our centers,” we don’t mean that the teens stay here.  We offer intensive outpatient programs. Here at Insight, you come to us for treatment but you go home at night. We can guide you through the process of recovering from drug problems, alcohol problems, depression and so much more. We started as a teen drug rehabilitation program, but over the years we’ve grown into so much more than that. Our specialization is in addressing chemical dependency as well as emotional and behavioral problems in teens. It’s easy to feel like your problems are overwhelming and there’s no way to overcome them. By that same token, as a parent, when your teen’s behavior seems self destructive and scary, it’s natural to feel like there’s no way things will improve. Here at Insight, we offer a way to overcome the difficulties of adolescence.

We have multiple ways of treating teenagers. The “Intensive Outpatient” program takes place in the late afternoon. For four days a week, teenagers take part in three to four hours of intensive therapy. Some teens benefit best from being in our “Insight Academy.” Designed for students who need a bit of time away from a traditional school setting, this program offers therapeutic and sober day school programs. It’s OK if you don’t know which of these products would be right for you or for your teen. We offer clinical assessments. There, we offer a free assessment with several members of our clinical team.

There, the members sit down with you and talk for a while. They’ll draw upon their experience and figure out the best way for you to move forward with your treatment. This assessment is entirely free. We know it’s not easy to reach out to someone else when you need help. That’s why we make it easy as possible to take the first step forward today. The adolescent years are filled with difficulties, challenges and angst. Even in the darkest moments, however, help can be found. Even beyond our typically treatments, we offer parental education and support groups for parents. That way, parents get the information support and guidance they need.

These groups are lead by our treatment team. We’ve found that these groups help family members and their children. To schedule a free consultation now, just give us a call at (800) 599-8820 or head to our site.