Insight Treatment for Teen Alcohol Dependency

Experimentation is treated like a rite of passage for many teens. As parents, we may not like this, and may even attempt to prevent it from happening, but there is a point where we surrender to acceptance–our kids may dabble in vices like alcohol before they’re 21. We cannot control our children’s choices, however, we can provide them with educational information and loving support so that they feel empowered to make healthy choices in their adolescence. And to step it up, we can help keep our kids accountable with programs such as Insight treatment for teen alcohol dependency and teen support groups where they’ll have access to positive stimulating outlets and beneficial coping tools.

Teens and alcohol

The CDC reports that youth between the ages of 12 to 20 consume 11% of alcohol in the US and that they consume more drinks per occasion than people aged 21 and over. A 2017 survey also showed that 30% of the teens surveyed had drank alcohol within 30 days, 14% of which had binge drank. Binge drinking doesn’t necessarily link to alcoholism but as kids pound down alcohol, and increase their tolerance, they may find themselves consuming more alcohol regularly and becoming dependent on the substance at a young age or into their adulthood.  

Insight Treatment

Issues with underage drinking

Drinking comes with many consequences, especially for teens. As adolescents aren’t fully developed, they run the risk of interfering with their brain’s development, their body’s functions, and developing psychological issues. For example, they can impair their judgement and make impulsive decisions such as driving under the influence or enacting on other crimes. They may also damage their memory which can affect their school performance and ability to perform well later in life. And, alcohol can increase the chance of unprotected sexual activity, suicide, and violence. 

How Insight treatment can help

Stats around teenage drinking and alcoholism are scary for a parent–we don’t want our kids to fall into the numbers. While many of our teens are only dipping their toes into experimentation, those of us with a family history of alcoholism or addiction may want to intervene. And those of us who notice a change in our children, such as fatigue, bloodshot eyes, deterioration of physical hygiene and appearance, drastic changes in moods, poor performance in school, and a change in social circles, it may be time to intervene as well.  

Although government-funded campaigns geared toward teen alcohol consumption prevention may be somewhat effective, a personable approach may be most beneficial to your child. Programs like Insight treatment, an individualized plan focused on attending to psychological, emotional, spiritual, and familial support for your teen, can provide you and your family with the necessary tools to ward off, or control, temptation to indulge in alcohol. Insight treatment creates specific goals for your family to meet with the help of psychotherapy, teen group therapy, rehabilitation, parent support groups, and an interactive summer program. With this program, your teen can gain lasting recovery skills.

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