Insight Treatment Hour – Family Adjustments – January 03, 2022

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, our host Frederik Schulin talks with his guest, Glynis Hodgkinson to continue their talks on her story. Frederik starts off the show by talking with Glynis about family adjustments and what they talked about last show and how they will continue more of Glynis’s life story. Glynis works at Divinity Recovery where they help people deal with mental and drug issues in their lives.

Later in the show, Frederik and Glynis continue to talk more about mental health stories. For more information about Glynis Hodgkinson and her practice, please check out her website by clicking here!

Insight Treatment Hour In Santa Clarita Explores Teen, Parent Relationship With Mental Health Struggles

On Insight Treatment Hour on KHTS, parent-child relationships with teen mental health struggles were discussed by Frederik Schulin, CEO of the Insight Treatment Center and his guest on the program. The head of the Insight Treatment Center Frederik Schulin went on air to discuss teen mental health issues and parental relationships with guest Glynis Hodgkinson from Divinity Recovery Center. “I think one of the key factors here is the red flags,” Hodgkinson said. “The rapid weight loss, the not going to school, the not coming home, those were key red flags that something was going on with me.”
The pair discussed Hodgkinson’s own teenage years, her struggles with mental health and the effects of her own parents’ behavior on her actions.The discussion also went over ways parents can get their teens involved in a support group or organization so that their mental health struggles can be dealt with. “I went into this long term juvenile detention center,” Hodgkinson said. “It was kind of a relief, because I was able to be honest about what was really going on with me.” Hodgkinson’s early issues reflect the issues of many troubled teens, including addiction, rebelliousness, etc. and they are the kinds of things dealt with at the Insight Treatment Center.
If you or any teenager you know is struggling with mental health issues, visit Insight Treatment Center in Santa Clarita for help. For more information on Insight Treatment Center in Santa Clarita, visit their website: