Insight Treatment Hour – Harmony Heals

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, our host Dr. Trevor Small talks with his guest, Gina Tabrizy, one of the founders of Harmony Heals. Dr. Small starts off the show by bringing in Gina to talk about the mental health for kids and teenagers. Gina goes in depth about some of the psychological struggles that teens can be going through in family settings and because of Covid. Gina also goes in depth on her company, Harmony Heals and how they help people and heal individuals.

Later in the show, Dr. Small and Gina go more in depth about teenage mental health and describe what ways they use to help heal teens and other people. Listen in, as Dr. Small and Gina talk about mental health. For more information about Gina Tabrizy or Harmony Heals be sure to check them out on this link to their website!