Insight Treatment Hour – Experts In Teen Health

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, our host Frederik Schulin talks with guests, Lisa Dixon, Admissions Director and Intake Coordinator, Seth Bland of Insight Treatment Programs. Frederik starts off the show by talking with both Lisa and Seth on what they both do to help teens in mental health, and what they do job-wise at Insight Treatment. Lisa happens to be Insight Treatment’s Admissions Director, in which she helps each client get admitted in the smoothest way possible. Lisa has fifteen plus years of experience in the field of behavioral health. Seth’s job as Intake Coordinator is to help kids who have been taking drugs or have been recovering from drug use.

Later in the show, Frederik, Lisa, and Seth go over some tips and topics on getting kids treated correctly, educating kids on drug use, and helping kids get through the mental crisis’s that plague them. Listen in as Frederik, Lisa, and Seth talk about kids getting treated and how Insight can help all kids that are battling with mental health and drug use.