Insight Treatment Hour – How Parents Can Fix Relationships With Their Teens, With Rena Pollak – October 24, 2022

Host: Frederick Schulin

Guest: Rena Pollak

Topic: How Parents Can Fix Relationships With Their Teens

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, Frederick welcomes in special guest Rena Pollak. Rena is a licensed marriage and family therapist that looks to bring more love into the life of her clients, specifically as it relates to the dynamic of a parent’s relationship with their teens. Rena references how very often parent’s ego and wishes for their teen can dictate their relationship with their teens.

She uses the example of a parent that was an athlete who is disappointed that their child does not show an interest in sports and how it can often lead to a feeling of failure as a parent. Creating boundaries with strong communication can make these types of issues easier to handle with your teen.

“The overall method that you are trying to get through to your child is coming from a place that ‘I love you, I want you to feel good, I want to feel good, can we figure out a way where we can work together,” Rena said. “Then you share with your child what it is that you need from your child, also tell them why.”

Listen to the whole episode here as Frederik and Rena discuss the benefits and importance of communication between parents and teens!