Insight Treatment Hour – How Socio-Economical Differences Influence Therapy – November 28, 2022

Host: Frederik Schulin

Guest: Sebastian Vasilescu

Topic: How Socio-Economical Differences Influence Therapy

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, our host Frederik Schulin welcomes in guest Sebastian Vasilescu to discuss how socio-economical factors not only affect the availability of therapy and treatment for patients but how it can also influence the quality of care provided by therapists to their clients.

Sebastian shared some of his background leading to opening his own practice as a marriage & family therapist. Working with individual clients, couples and families, Sebastian looks to present a safe and supportive therapy environment. Sebastian discussed the importance of therapist being self aware of their own biases as it pertains to treating clients from different socio-economical background. This not only includes wealth, but race, religion, and political alignment as well. While studies have been done to confirm these thoughts, Sebastian believes there still must be more work done not only on an individual level but an industry-wide change as well.

“The therapeutic relationship is very important, and a support group outside of therapy is key too,” Sebastian said. “It’s not just the client’s responsibility but that is even more the responsibility of the therapist to deal with and the notion that a therapist needs to have a structure that works for their client.”

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