Insight Treatment Hour – Co-Parenting Teens After Divorce – November 21, 2022

Host: Karissa Provost

Guest: Dr. Jeneve Kanaventi

Topic: Co-Parenting Teens After Divorce

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, special guest host Karissa Provost welcomes in Dr. Jeneve Kanaventi to discuss the lasting impacts that divorce has on children and how parents can co-parent with their ex partners.Karissa is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and is the Clinical Director at Insight. Having gone through a divorce herself, she not only treats and deals with teens and parents going through this but can personally relate to it given her own experience.

Dr. Kanaventi is a licensed clinical psychologist who looks to help families develop effective strategies to improve connection and increase resilience.  Dr. Kanaventi works from a strengths-based perspective to help individuals and families develop the resiliency necessary to face challenging situations.

Dr. Kanaventi specifically mentions the importance of treating a former partner with respect when around your children. She stresses, that while one parent may no longer be in love or even be willing to tolerate their former partner, the children are still a part of each parent. Finding a way to speak positively about an ex to their children will avoid vilifying the other parent and create a healthy and respectful relationship that the children can appreciate.

“Don’t speak negatively, but I dont think that’s enough,” Dr. Kanaventi. “I think the child or teenager needs to only hear positive things about the other parent. I say to parents, add a positive thing such as ‘Your dad is so good at math, maybe he can help with your homework,’ and it goes such a long way.”

Listen to the entire show here as Karissa and Dr. Kanaventi discuss the importance of co-parenting teens after divorce!