Insight Treatment Hour – Parent Perspective

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, host Frederik Schulin introduces Amber – an alumni parent of Insight Treatment – to tell her story about her stepson, Brendan.

Amber opens up the show by discussing the behavioral issues that Brendan was displaying and how it impacted the family. Initially, Amber decided that a disciplinary approach was necessary; however, she soon realized that wasn’t the best course of action and employed the help of Insight Treatment to assist both Brendan and his family. She talks about the struggles they faced along the way and stresses the fact that the road to improvement was not linear.

After the break, Frederik asks Amber about what she took away from the experience and if there were any “big moments” of progress. Amber states that she had to learn to assume she was wrong at times and that respecting boundaries helps elicit cooperation as a whole.

Listen in as Frederik and Amber go further into detail about the importance of familial communication and perseverance.

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“Insight Treatment Programs is a recognized intensive outpatient dual-diagnosis treatment program for teens and their families. Based on the fundamental belief that adolescent issues can only be effectively treated by addressing all aspects of their lives, at Insight Treatment Centers we use treatment attending to emotional, psychological, spiritual, familial, academic, and biological factors. Every family is different, has different needs, problems, and resources.