Insight Treatment Hour – Place To Breathe – July 12, 2021

Confidence, Wellness, And Growth For Teen Girls With Insight And Nadine Young

Anxiety, pressure, social difficulties, social media and more plague teens, preteen, and college girls every day. Constantly surrounded by criticism and expectations, it is no wonder that teen girls experience a skyrocket of anxiety as they begin to grow into adulthood.
In a world full of unexpected twists, turns, and world-shaking changes (looking at you COVID-19), it can be hard for teens to gain their footing. They become more and more vulnerable to mental health issues and sometimes find themselves slipping down that hole.

Insight Treatment is an intensive out-patient treatment center for teens struggling with mental health issues. They focus on a holistic treatment plan, involving both the parents/caregivers along with the teen, and finding creative ways to help the teen grow and recover.
One of these options is through a healthy relationship with eating and exercise. Focusing more on nutrition and movement and rejecting diet culture is an important part of what Insight and their partners focus on.

CEO Frederik Schulin hosted wellness expert Nadine Young on Insight’s weekly KHTS show, the Insight Treatment Hour.
Nadine Young owns and runs a wellness business, ‘Move, Nourish, Breathe’. One of the many programs she offers is a free, online six-week program for teen girls. Prior to COVID, this group met once a month and learned different skills and tools to inspire confidence and wellness.

This group, called ‘Space To Breathe’, is a group for preteens through college-age young women. Now in the process of bringing this program back in-person, Nadine Young wanted to create a space and community where girls could learn about stress-relief, nutrition, inner beauty, and more. Nadine understands and celebrates that every girl is different, and wants to help every girl find tools and tips that work for her.
In the past year and a half, many teens lost their outlets, such as dance, sports, theatre, and more, altering their activity and social levels. Help your friend or daughter reconnect and get back into the world with the help of Nadine Young and Insight Treatment.
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