Teen Counseling Resources for More Than Just Teens

Do you have a teen that’s struggling with drugs and alcohol and you aren’t sure what to do? Does it feel like no matter what you do in regards to your teen and their struggles, it’s the wrong thing? While it may be normal to feel that way, it’s not true. Moreover, help is available. Here at Insight Treatment, we have plenty of teen counseling resources that are specifically for teens. Indeed, when we started, there weren’t many that were just for teens. In addition to that, however, we also have plenty of free virtual resources for parents as well. 


Even as the World Opens Up, Parents May Struggle

Throughout the pandemic, teens, rightly, struggled with isolation. Often, that leads to pushing boundaries, behavior issues, even resistance to authority, rules, and the like. We would receive all kinds of phone calls from parents who were struggling to hold firm boundaries with their kids because, hey, the parents are people, too. They were overwhelmed just like everyone else. As the world has begun to open up and vaccination numbers rise, we’re continuing these resources so that parents can get the help they need. 


Virtual Options for Parents

On Tuesdays, on Zoom, from noon to two, we offer a two-hour telehealth Parent Support Meeting. This is conducted by one of our top therapists here at Insight. For specific questions and answers, we’ve made our mental health team available on Fridays from 9 AM to 11 AM. These sessions provide education as well as support for individual parents. If there’s a question you’ve been meaning to ask, that’s the session to go to. Something to keep in mind: availability is limited in those sessions. 


Parent Support Groups

In addition to the virtual options, we offer parent support groups at every single one of our locations. That means, most likely, there’s one not far from where you are right now. These aren’t just about the process (although that’s a major focus of it) it’s also about offering parents skills and support in dealing with teens that may be struggling with substance abuse, depression, behavioral problems, and more. These sessions can do a world of good for parents because they get to interact with parents who are going through similar challenges. Sharing information, ideas, and support with a community of parents can be greatly beneficial. 

Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling at Insight and Beyond

These parent support groups have been successful for many reasons. Not the least of those reasons: that they foster a supportive community. That’s exactly what we do with teens at our facilities, too. The fundamental belief here at Insight is that teens need to feel like they belong to a community of their peers. Without that, teens are likely to stay “closed off,” and not feel comfortable expressing the pain and challenges that they’re going through. Yet, when they feel safe, when they feel connected, they can open up and make real, lasting progress. To schedule an initial consultation, you can reach us at (888) 295-9995.