Insight Treatment Hour – Teen Speakers and Drew’s Testimonies

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, host Frederik Schulin welcomes in guests Christian Laura, director of student outreach of Insight Treatment programs, and teen speaker, Drew.

Christian opens up the show by highlighting the importance of peer support systems and the resources that Insight offers both teens and parents to fulfill those needs. Some of these include, but are not limited to- parent presentations, teen speaker panels, clinical support, drug awareness campaigns, and much more.

After the break, we get to hear from teen speaker, Drew, as she shares her journey with mental health and the challenges she’s overcome. At a young age, Drew had a history of substance use and self-harm. During these times, she felt invalidated and found it difficult to be vulnerable with those that wanted to see her succeed. However, she overcame her obstacles, is two years sober, and is on the path to graduate high school this year.

Drew reminds teens listening that they are not alone in their struggles and that realizing your self-worth is the first part of the process of asking for help. Listen in as Frederik, Christian, and Drew discuss the topic of teen mental health and how Insight Treatment hour is spotlighting amazing teens, such as Drew, to give their testimonies and show other teens that their struggles are validated.

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“Insight Treatment Programs is a recognized intensive outpatient dual-diagnosis treatment program for teens and their families. Based on the fundamental belief that adolescent issues can only be effectively treated by addressing all aspects of their lives, at Insight Treatment Centers we use treatment attending to emotional, psychological, spiritual, familial, academic, and biological factors. Every family is different, has different needs, problems, and resources.