Seeking Counseling for Teenage Anxiety

Counseling for Teenage Anxiety

Teenagers being susceptible to pressure is not a new phenomenon. Every generation of adolescents faces similar issues. Between changing bodies, social expectations, and academic concerns, the years between 13 and 19 can be tough for everyone. In the modern era, though, there are new challenges that past teens did not have to navigate. With social media, teens have an incredibly difficult time leaving school at school, so to speak. The internet has also offered a never-closing venue for socialization, and while in some respects that is a good thing, it can also create inescapable bullying and other antisocial behaviors. No matter what is making your teen feel more worrisome than is standard, counseling for teenage anxiety can offer a positive tool set for your child.

On a very basic level, teen counseling allows your child to talk with a licensed, professional therapist. Centers such as ours at Insight Treatment create a safe, neutral environment where your teen can feel free to express themselves and talk about their varying concerns. This can help foster coping mechanisms and identify and rectify problems. Oftentimes, this is accomplished with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT, generally speaking, will help your teen identify problematic patterns and replace them with positive behaviors. You may find that simply speaking to someone will help your child. Though you prioritize their well-being, sometimes teenagers need a neutral third party to feel fully heard.

When to Engage in Counseling for Teenage Anxiety

Again, a certain level of anxiety is to be expected from teenagers. That is just the reality of the terrain during this stage of life. When those worries snowball into something else, however, it may be time to look for a professional counselor or therapist. Aggressive anxiety can impact your child in a number of ways. If they have a fear of speaking in class, it can hinder their academic performance. If they are dealing with social anxiety, they may be missing out on valuable social experiences in their teenage years. Overly worrying about the future can also be a significant source of stress for a teenager.

In certain scenarios, anxiety can be treated with a pharmaceutical approach. In terms of counseling, an accredited professional will help your teen set goals and reach them, while also instilling healthy behaviors and a positive mindset. If you are shopping around for a therapist, make sure you turn to someone who is specifically experienced (ideally, specialized) in working with teenagers. This age group has a fair share of nuances that are separate from adults, and you want to work with someone who understands the specific challenges that teenagers face on a daily basis.

Counseling for Teenage Anxiety
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