Seeking Teen Counseling in the Times of Social Distancing

The teenage years have never been easy to navigate. There are so many different things going on at once that it can be quite draining without the proper support systems in place. These support systems differ from person to person. Maybe it’s a particularly understanding parent, an approachable teacher, or a close group of friends. The current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, is bound to put some strain on these resources. With social distancing in place, teenagers are cooped up at home with their families for most of the time. This can weigh in on the best of relationships, let alone those that might have some trouble already. If your teen is having some trouble without their usual support systems, it might be good to seek out some form of teen counseling.

The Consequences of Social Distancing

The most important consequence of social distancing is obviously the decrease in cases of COVID-19. That’s why the measures are in place, after all. However, there are clearly negative consequences that we are currently dealing with. Social distancing is a responsible form of social isolation, which means that we are missing in-person contact with people outside of our immediate household. This is already bad in and of itself, but what if you depend on these people for emotional support? Teenagers, in particular, tend to rely a lot on close friends at the time of dealing with stress, loneliness, and pressure. If they have complicated relationships with their family members then it gets even worse. We all need social interaction, but the inherent solitude of the teenage years can make that need a lot stronger.

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Coping with Social Distancing

Parents have called us with a variety of concerns and questions regarding what their teenage kids are doing in response to social distancing measures. Some of them are sneaking out of their homes, while others might be lashing out through aggressive behavior. On one hand, it’s easy to see where this is coming from, but that doesn’t mean that nothing should be done about it. On the other hand, it’s very important to do so for their own sake and for that of the whole family. We all need to find healthy ways through which we can cope with the current situation, and remote teen counseling can help your teenager find their own.

Finding Remote Teen Counseling

At Insight Treatment, we want to help teenagers understand what they are going through and to cope with it in healthy, constructive ways. We do so in a variety of different ways, including different forms of teen counseling. For parents, currently we are offering free virtual resources for parents whose kids attend Chaminade, La Salle, Birmingham Charter, the Pasadena School District, and the Glendale School District. In addition to that, we are doing our best to provide remote counseling services to struggling teenagers. For more information on the ways we are adapting our services during these times, visit our page on free virtual resources for parents or give us a call at (888) 295-9995. At Insight Treatment, we continue to be here for you.