Teenage Counseling Services that Counsel More than Teens

At Insight Treatment, we offer top-notch teenage counseling services. We know how difficult it can be just being a teenager. That’s even more true now, in the midst of a pandemic. In a time as uncertain and challenging as this, it’s important that people know we’re here to help your teens with their substance abuse issues, mental health challenges, and more. However, we offer more than just counseling at our facilities. Many of our other services and treatments work in tandem with our counseling so that your teens can get back on track, living the lives that you and they want. 

Teenage Counseling Services 

As a parent, have you felt like there’s some kind of skill you lack in terms of dealing with your teens’ behavioral problems, depression, substance abuse, low grades, and more? It’s not that you’re lacking something, rather, it’s just that you may not have been exposed to or given the opportunity to develop the kinds of skills that can help. This is where our parent support groups can come in. Here, you’ll be in a group with other parents. So, you’ll all learn together. You’ll discover, quite quickly, that you aren’t alone. There are other parents, other families, going through all that you are, too. You can learn from each other, sharing concerns, and ultimately, enjoying each other’s successes, too. 

Parent Coaching 

We understand that, during this time, many parents may be at risk from the virus and not want to travel, yet, they also want to be able to help their teen as much as possible. Here at Insight, we offer parent coaching. These sessions can be in-person or on the phone, and the idea is to get as much support as possible in terms of parents and their teens. We make each of these sessions specialized for you so that you’ll be empowered when it comes to your parenting. 

Intensive Outpatient

Long-term sobriety isn’t a thing that just “happens.” Yes, it can occur, and we’ve had so many teens that we’ve helped to that very goal, but it takes a sturdy support network. Our intensive outpatient program can provide that and so much more. At Insight Treatment, your teen will be given an individualized plan for their recovery. This covers a long time span, from their initial assessment to the moment that they’ve completely recovered. While each of these plans are specifically designed for each teen, for the most part, they include life skill-building, with a focus on improving mental health, bolstering ties with family, social dynamics, relapse prevention, and much more. 

In-Person Teenage Counseling Services (for as Long as We Can) 

At Insight, we are committed to leaving our doors open as long as we possibly can. Through hand sanitizer, mask-wearing, social distancing, and more, we’re able to provide a safe environment for teens. Moreover, we provide a “safe” environment in terms of giving them somewhere they can be themselves, grow, and develop the kinds of skills that will serve them throughout life. For more: give us a call (888) 295-9995 or send us an email.