Teens Are More Insightful Than You Think – And More With Insight Teen Hour

In a recent episode of the Insight Teen Hour on KHTS radio, host Frederik Schulin, CEO of Insight Treatment and guest speaker Heather Rousselo, marriage and family therapist, spoke on how parental dynamics can greatly affect teens.
Heather Rousselo believes that teens get a bad rap- that teens are actually very intuitive and insightful about their parents and surroundings. If there is discord in the marriage, it will affect the family.

Disharmony And Disconnection Between Parents Has A Greater Effect On Teens Than We Think

If parents aren’t good at connecting or communicating, often exacerbated by a teen who is struggling or acting out, it can negatively affect the family dynamic.

Insight Treatment Center is a local Santa Clarita intensive outpatient treatment center for teens and their families battling mental health issues, addiction, and more

A place centered on healing in the whole family and the creation of a community focused on healing together, Insight Treatment and their team want to help guide families to reconciliation and connection.
What makes Insight Treatment Center a great option for families with struggling teens is that they understand how this one child’s healing is a family ordeal.
Both the parents and the teen need to work through hurt feelings, past trauma, and learn how to best collaborate moving forward.
If mom has one idea and dad has another and both are having a hard time deciding what is the best course of action, this is where Insight can help. Focused on creating boundaries with the child and working through parents’ questions makes Insight a place for whole family reconnection, not just problem-solving your teen.
As hard a pill it is to swallow, both Schulin and Rousselo want the parents of Santa Clarita and all over the world to realize that their own anxieties and struggles may be contributing to their teens’ struggles, and that seeking help for themselves is a great way to give their teens confidence and a feeling of safety.

To reach out and see if Insight Treatment is the answer for your family, visit their website by clicking here.