Mind Control? No, Biofeedback! Managing Physiological Responses

Insight Treatment Center hosts a weekly show on KHTS radio to talk to parents and teens about mental health issues and behaviors teens all too often struggle with. Led by Insight Treatment’s CEO Frederik Schulin, a recent episode hosted guest Steve Kassel, a local Santa Clarita researcher and therapist who specializes in biofeedback.

What Is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is info gathered from the body through tests and sensors, measured and given to patients to help them better understand, process, and work with their physiology. This includes learning how to use brain power to control some physiological responses and symptoms, such as breathing, heart rate, muscle contractions, and even temperature.
Insight Treatment Center is a local Santa Clarita intensive outpatient treatment center for teens and their families battling mental health issues, addiction, and more. A place centered on healing in the whole family and giving a community of peers for teens, Insight Treatment and their team want to help guide families to reconciliation and connection all while giving teens a place they feel welcome and belonging.
“As much as our teens need support and guidance, parents need it too! At Insight we provide a weekly Parent Group, Multi-Family Group, and individual family therapy sessions along with coaching by our experienced counselors and direct access to our therapists when needed,” states Insight Treatment center.
With the passionate and compassionate staff at Insight, teens and parents alike learn how to work through hurt feelings, habits, stress management, conflict resolution, and more. Focusing on making the teen comfortable while also including the parents is a big part of the Insight philosophy, and what they consider to be their greatest strength and reason for success.

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