The Importance of Mental Health Treatment Centers in Los Angeles Right Now

Studies have shown that many teenagers are struggling with depression and other mental health issues. It makes sense: think of everything that teenagers have missed due to the pandemic. All of the socializing, the schoolwork, sports, dances, and more – all gone due to COVID-19. Mental health treatment centers in Los Angeles and the surrounding area have a place right now. It’s understandable that so many are depressed and anxious. We can help. At our mental health center in Santa Clarita, we can help teenagers as well as their families to better navigate this uncertain time. 


Having Fun While Staying Safe 


That might sound odd, to go to a mental health center to have fun, but it’s true. For the emotional and mental health of teens, it’s important they socialize. For their physical health, it’s important that they socialize in such a way that minimizes or for all intents and purposes eliminates their potential exposure to COVID-19. The Insight Treatment facility in Santa Clarita achieves both. Coming in at more than 5,000 square feet, it’s big enough that teens can enjoy each other’s company while maintaining proper social distancing. By that same token, the air flow is good, too. So, that cuts the risk of catching the virus down even further. 

Mental health treatment centers in Los Angeles



As parents, of course you’re doing everything you can to care for your child. You’d do anything for them, and are doing your best for and by them during this pandemic. At Insight Treatment, our professionals can draw upon their experience to help. Through years of dealing with mental health issues, addiction, and other problems, we can spot the warning signs. Then, we can use our experience to put together treatments and therapy that are right for your child.  




“Unstructured hours” can be challenging for teens in any summer. When there’s no school (or employment) a teen that’s already struggling with mental health issues or addiction could turn to negative, harmful behaviors. However, during a time like this one, a summer unlike any other, when a teen can’t do nearly as many activities as they could in the past, that could make things much worse. At Insight in Santa Clarita, we can help your teen to develop the kinds of skills that will help them now as well as long into the future. By building a foundation now, they’ll be better equipped for tomorrow. 


Our Mental Health Treatment Centers in Los Angeles and Santa Clarita 


Of the many treatments we offer at Insight in Santa Clarita, one of the more popular has been outdoor group therapy. Instead of being inside, teens can be around each other (socially-distanced) in a safe, inviting, warm, outdoor area. However, we know that not everyone will be able to make it to our Santa Clarita location, due to travel, health, or any number of other concerns. Zoom sessions are still available, for teens as well as their parents. Here at Insight, we’re committed to helping teens and their families through this. To learn more about how we can help: (661) 765-8445.