Group Therapy at Insight: Strengthening Mental Health for Teenagers

Do you want to improve your teen’s mental health as well as their social skills? Are you looking for ways for your teenager to feel better about themselves in addition to being able to develop healthier relationships with their peers and others? Those are just some of the benefits of our teen support groups. We’ve found that they provide a genuine improvement in mental health for teenagers. While every teen’s plan at Insight Treatment is customized for their specific needs, there are many reasons that just about all of them include group therapy. 

Improving Self-Esteem in Multiple Ways 

So many teenagers struggle with their self-confidence. It can be especially challenging for teens with mental health concerns. Here at Insight Treatment, however, they’ll be able to interact with their peers in a safe, welcoming community, all overseen by our trained, experienced professionals. We’ve found over the years that teens open up best about their challenges, emotional pain, and more when they’re in a community of their peers, folks that are going through exactly what they are. Our community has helped so many teens to develop over the years. 

Learning From Those Who’ve Been There Before 

When a teen comes to our group therapy for the first time, the moderator as well as the other members of the group make sure that they feel welcome, that they are valued, that they can contribute and that they have much to contribute. Much of this is done by the teens who have been in the group for a while, those who remember what it was like when they were new. Over time, as your teen grows and develops with the group, as new teens enter the group, your teen can then pass that along, to be one that others look to. This, as you might imagine, boosts self-confidence, self-reliance, camaraderie, and so much more. 

Mental Health for Teenagers

Coping and Growing 

It can be challenging for any teenager to be able to express their emotions in a healthy way, much less to cope with them. It can be all the more challenging for teens who are struggling with their mental health to do that. This is something that we focus on in groups quite a bit, helping teenagers to explore their complex emotions, to see how their peers are doing it, and, in time, to be able to realize that they aren’t alone in this. 

Many Ways to Improve Mental Health for Teenagers 

Group therapy is just one of the ways that we help teenagers to improve their mental health at Insight Treatment. That said, there are many, many others. Indeed, group therapy is just one of the kinds of therapy that we offer. No matter which Insight Treatment your teen goes to, we have a plethora of treatment methods, all with the goal of helping your teen to discover the root causes for their issues and, in time, to overcome them. You can schedule a free assessment with our experienced pros.