More Than Teenage Counseling: What Our Day Program Provides

Teenage Counseling

Have your teen’s grades significantly declined recently? Do you feel that your teen isn’t best served by being in a traditional school setting? That’s true for many more teens than we may realize. Indeed, not every teen gets their best results by being in the same school day in and day out. Many can realize their true academic potential best by going to a day program for a period of time, developing the skills that they need for school and beyond. In addition to teenage counseling, group therapy, and other treatments, our day program helps with academics and more. 

Academics for School and for Life 

Just like with all of our other treatment programs, when a student enters our Day Program, we put together a comprehensive treatment plan for their exact needs. In this, we create a plan that mixes proven learning approaches with modern ones that fit the student’s needs exactly. By helping them to truly understand a curriculum and attending online classes, we work with your teen to help them to not just learn the curriculum but to develop the kinds of skills that will always serve them well. Managing their time properly, planning ahead, and adaptive thinking for practically any situation – are just some of the skills we foster here. 

Actually Fun Activities 

If our Day Program were nothing but academics, it wouldn’t be all that different from a traditional school. Instead, each Insight Treatment is a fun, supportive environment. To that end, in addition to the academics, our Day Program also incorporates trips to the beach, video games, playing sports, outdoor activities, and just having fun with their peers. That way, students enjoy coming here. They’re more motivated to attend, to work hard, and ultimately, this all serves to reinforce what they learn here, too. 


Support All Day Long 

One of the most popular aspects of the Day Program is, of course, that it takes place during the day. Our traditional IOP, for most students, occurs after school. But, the Day Program can be greatly beneficial for those for whom a traditional school setting hasn’t been all that helpful recently. Always, we’re in communication with your child’s school so that their educational needs are met, as well as those for graduation, college plans, and so forth. 

Teenage Counseling

Teenage Counseling and More 

It’s important to note that our Day Program doesn’t just run during school days. Indeed, we have an entire Summer Day Program as well. That provides a variety of structured activities during the summer months as well. These can include academic work, summer school, and the like, but this program can also include laser tag, hiking, cooking lessons, trips to Knotts Berry Farm, and more. If you think your child might benefit from all this, it’s worth it to reach out. You can schedule a free clinical assessment with our professionals here.