How Insight Treatment Centers in Santa Clarita Is Meeting the Moment

Have you been thinking of taking your teen to a mental health treatment center but are worried about the safety? Do you believe that your child could benefit from a teen alcohol and drug rehab facility, however you’re concerned about putting your teen in harm’s way? We understand. During this uncertain time, it can seem difficult to know what’s best to do for your teen. What we can tell you is that at Insight Treatment Centers, we make sure your teens are well-taken care of. We’ve made many changes to better serve teens, particularly at our Santa Clarita facility. 


Space and Safety 


Social distancing is one of the best, most effective ways to slow and even stop the spread of the disease. Staying six feet (or more) apart from others is key to staying safe. At our Santa Clarita facility, we have more than 5,000 square feet. Doing some simple, back of the napkin math makes clear how we can have plenty of teens at our facility without coming anywhere near violating anyone’s social distancing. Moreover, socializing with other teens in this context is good for their mental health, too. As this pandemic has shut down so many activities, this social outlet can be greatly beneficial. 

Insight Treatment Centers

Uninterrupted Service 


We’ve been operating throughout the pandemic. From the beginning, we took swift, decisive action to make sure that our facility was always safe. Today, we’re able to continue offering mental health as well as teen alcohol and drug rehab services. Additionally, we have outdoor group therapy as well. That way, teens can take in the summer sun while they socialize, learn, and grow. The truth is that during this time, there really aren’t many places (or ways) that teens can safely relax. We offer that (among so much else) here. 


Online Options Available 


Staying safe during the pandemic is, unfortunately, everyone’s responsibility. While teenagers may be at lesser risk (but certainly still at risk) of getting seriously sick from the disease, they could potentially bring it back to the older family members in their homes. Moreover, we don’t believe that any at-risk or even ill teen should be precluded from getting help due to their health. So, we offer Zoom sessions, too. These fun online sessions offer therapy, treatment, and more. Teens will be able to socialize and grow, just as they would if they were here. Additionally, there are Zoom sessions for parents, too. If you have any questions about making Zoom work or setting it up, we’re glad to help there, too. 


Insight Treatment Centers in Santa Clarita and Beyond 


At our Santa Clarita facility, we’re more than happy to have your teens come by and get the help that they need. We also have other facilities as well that could accommodate your teen. We know how difficult it can be to get started with a treatment program. If you’d like to learn more or continue the conversation, you can call us at (661) 765-8445.