How to Cope With Your Teen’s Drug Abuse Issues

When you are the parents of a teenager it’s hard to deny that they are your entire world. You’ve watched them grow from their childhood years and it can be heartbreaking to see them fall into the wrong crowds and behaviors. It’s only made worse when you realize that they are battling a drug addiction issue. Knowing how to cope can be an entirely new territory for you as a parent. Many teenagers will try drugs and alcohol during their high school years and continue to experiment in their college years as well. These experimentations, especially in the teenage years can hinder the developmental processes of your growing teen. Worrying about your teen battling addiction can only add more stress and pressure to know what to do, which path to take and how to cope with your teen’s drug abuse.

Taking Care of Yourself

As a parent is your natural instinct to focus on the health and welfare of your children especially when they are dealing with problems. However, parents sometimes focus too much on their children and forget to care for themselves as well. When you live in a state of reaction, constantly trying to deal with, care for and redirect your child and their addiction issues it can be incredibly wearing. Addiction isn’t an easy fix and if you are caring for your child during that that you will find yourself worn down, emotionally and physically exhausted.

Learning how to properly care for yourself while caring for your child can be essential in ensuring that things don’t fall apart. You have to be sure that your own mental well bearing, emotional and physical health are all in check. You may find during this time that you feel you have lost trust in your child or perhaps feelings of betrayal, both of which are common reactions.

You may also be wrestling with feelings of guilt, shame or blame. The best way to help your child is to help yourself and helping yourself means getting support outside your home.

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Finding the Right Support for Teen’s Drug Abuse

When you want to ensure that you are taking care of yourself it could mean having a group of people who understand your struggle and can offer perspective and support. You have to remember that you aren’t the first parent to deal with a child that is struggling with addiction and that there are plenty of people who have made it out the other side with a happy and healthy family. Finding the right support group may take you a little time and research. It means putting aside time in your weekly schedule to attending meetings. You should look at it the same way you would a gym membership/session. You may not be entirely convinced that you want or need to go to but it will ultimately greatly benefit you and your family to do so. A healthier and happier you can be a better support touch point for your child’s recovery as well. If you are interested in learning about what Insight Treatment an offer you please give us a call to learn more about our programs and admissions process. You are not alone in your struggles, we have parental support groups that may be just what you need. (888) 295-9995