What Are Insight Programs About?

Insight Programs are Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) for teenagers and young adults between the ages of 14 to 20 who are suffering from mental disorders or addiction issues.

insight program

Over the years, Insight has evolved a lot and today, it is not just a teen drug rehabilitation program. These self-help programs aid teens with issues such as drug abuse, self-harm, dual-diagnosis/co-occurring disorders, and also behavioral and emotional disorders.

Problems like depression, trauma, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, ADD, OCD, panic attacks, eating disorders, sexual identity issues, substance abuse, neurological disorder, coping, self-esteem, trust issues, character issues, difficulty socializing with peers, self-identity issues, and family conflict are all addressed in through approved and up-to-date psychological therapies, which can prove to be an effective treatment through the utilization of many innovative methods.

What is Teen Group Therapy? 

“Teen group therapy” is a part of the Insight program that can help teenagers face their inner demons. In these group therapy sessions, teens with similar problems talk about their issues with the help of industry professionals. 

This element will enable them to communicate well and help each other out by giving profound perspectives on the matter that they are all struggling with, ultimately giving them an edge over their mental disorders.

Also noteworthy is the fact that all of the therapists who participate in group therapy sessions are certified experts of the industry.

Where Do Parents Come In? 

Teenagers’ important social conduct is mostly comprised of interactions with their parents. And this is where another part of our programs, the “parent support groups”, proves significant. In these sessions, parents will learn new strategies to deal with their teenagers and their dilemmas.

Parents will learn methods that can improve the quality of their connection with teens and understand what it means to be more supportive. These sessions will provide the opportunity for parents to share their experiences with one another. 

Through the Insight program, parent coaching will be done individually and professional coaches will talk to parents and offer them new solutions to deal with the problems they are facing at home.

What is the Insight Academy?

Insight treatment programs also provide the opportunity for young people to join the Insight Academy. This academy is dedicated to those who are willing to enroll for an educational environment different to that of a traditional school setting.

In this academy, teenagers attend different educational courses that can also help with their conditions in a safe and seamless environment that gives them a sense of security. 

There are also many experienced tutors and counselors who can assist teenagers in their choices and assess their circumstances for higher education.

Our Summer Programs

Summertime can be challenging for both teenagers and their parents. It’s generally a good idea if the children find a way to occupy their time during summer. 

In the Insight summer program, teens can participate in a variety of productive activities such as cooking classes, yoga, painting, rock climbing, pottery and writing, fitness camp, art classes, beach days, hiking, horseback riding, and field trips to theme parks.

In these summer programs, what ultimately proves effective is their chance to interact with other teenagers who are struggling with the same issues.

The main aspiration behind Insight and our various programs is to define the necessitated help that teenagers with mental disorders and addiction issues require and push towards applying effective methods to help them cope with these dilemmas and move down a better path. 


Here is our contact information:

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For admissions and program information, you can call this number: 

(888) 295-9995

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