Some Thoughts on if Your Child Resists Teen Counseling for Depression

Teen Counseling for Depression

Do you feel that your teenager could use some help with their depression but they’ve been resistant? Does it feel like there’s nothing you can do? It can feel powerless when your teen is dealing with depression and especially so when they may resist help. Here at Insight Treatment, we offer teen counseling for depression and other mental health concerns. Over the years, we’ve helped teens discover the underlying causes of their depression as well as how to overcome those. There are some things you can do if your teen has resisted help. 

Try to Stay Away from Accusations and Similar 

When your teen is trying to push your limits (or even make you angry) it can feel natural to react with accusations or express your authority, and the like. However, that’s unlikely to cause them to reverse course and open themselves up to counseling. Instead, you may want to consider expressing your concern, being open with them, treating them with maturity, respect, and so forth. 

Let Them Know You’ll Be Involved 

The most successful forms of teen treatment for depression don’t just involve and/or treat the teen. Rather, they get the entire family involved. That way, the teen knows they have a safe, supportive environment to return home to. Here at Insight Treatment, we always make sure to involve the family every step of the way. To that end, we have family support groups, too. That way, the parents can get together, swap stories, support each other, and become part of a community. 

Go Somewhere They’ll Feel Free and Safe 

Too many of the places that allegedly offer to counsel for teens with depression don’t really cater exclusively to teens. Rather, they treat mostly adults and some teens. Thus, the teens are far too likely to receive treatment that would be right for an adult but doesn’t speak to the unique challenges that a teenager would face. That’s not how we do things here at Insight Treatment. We designed a clubhouse-like environment at each of our facilities. Here, teens will be surrounded by their peers, people going through the same things they are. Through all of this, they’ll receive treatment that’s right for teens and teens alone. 

Teen Counseling for Depression

A Home for Teen Counseling for Depression 

Indeed, the fundamental belief at every Insight Treatment, no matter which one you go to, is that teens need to feel that they belong to a community of their peers. It’s only there, surrounded by an environment of others like them where they feel safe, and are more likely to open up, to express the challenges they’re dealing with and the pain they’re going through. We’ve helped so many teenagers with that over the years and can now put that experience to work for your teen. To take that next step, you can reach us through our site or by calling us at (888) 295-9995.