Teen Counseling at Our IOP – Intensive, Extensive, and Supportive

Have you been looking for a way for your teen to get the teen counseling and treatment they need while still living their life? Does it feel like it’s time to get your teen help but you don’t want them to be entirely removed from their responsibilities for school, family, and work? This is where our intensive outpatient program can help. Through it, we’ve been able to help so many teenagers to be empowered, and to ultimately recover from the damage of their alcohol and drug use. This program is currently available at our facilities in Van Nuys, Pasadena, and El Segundo. 

Teen Counseling at Our IOP Works 

The way our “intensive outpatient program” works is what it sounds like. This treatment is “intensive” and thorough, providing all of the benefits that teens and their families expect from Insight Treatment. Beyond that, however, they’ll go home at night, spending the night in their own beds, with their own families, and so forth. Teens will be able to go to school, to work their jobs, all while receiving the highest quality treatment possible. Daily, there will be groups and sessions that cover alcohol and drug education. Plans will be structured to fit your teen and that includes weekends, too. As your child advances through the program, they can attend fewer days a week. 

Professional Teen Counseling and More 

Every treatment plan at Insight is individually structured for each teenager. What’s right for one teenager won’t be right for another. That said, at our IOP, we utilize what’s called a “multi-modality approach.” What that means is teenagers will be able to develop important life skills while also growing. These skills empower, building a foundation that will serve the teen well even long after they’ve left Insight Treatment. 

A Supportive Environment for Your Teen 

If you’re like many parents, when you read blogs about the “teen alcohol or drug treatment,” it’s natural to visualize your teenager alone in these facilities. Many parents are under the mistaken (yet understandable) impression that, for lack of a better phrase, when your teenager goes to treatment, they’ll be “alone in here.” Literally nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve specifically designed our facilities to be as welcoming and safe for teenagers as possible. There are plenty of ways for teenagers to bond and connect here, moreover – there are plenty of other teenagers here. By interacting with other teenagers who have the same concerns, teens can find the kind of support that makes real growth, success, and empowerment possible. 

Today’s the Best Day to Reach Out 

While we have no real way of knowing when you’re reading this blog, we feel quite confident in saying that today is the best day to reach out to a facility like ours. If you believe that your teenager has a problem or needs help, doing something about it sooner is certainly better than the alternative, If you want more information or just to talk to an expert, you can reach us at (888) 295-9995.