Teen Group Therapy: Safety and Support in Numbers

Have you been considering whether or not to take your teenager to a treatment facility, yet are worried about the pandemic? When you think about your child coming to a teen group therapy facility like ours, does it feel like the risk outweighs the benefit? These are considerations that all families have to consider during this challenging time. That said, here at Insight Treatment, we’ve done everything possible to ensure that teenagers as well as their families are safe and protected at our facilities. We’ve always been proud of our safe and supportive environment, and that extends to safety from the virus as well. 

Teen Group Therapy & COVID-19 Safety 

Like so many other facilities, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure everyone who comes to our facility is safe from the virus. That means strategically-placed hand sanitizer, easy access to handwashing, mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing, and much more. Beyond that, we update our health policies where appropriate. We’re always more than glad to talk to any parents about how we can provide appropriate, effective treatment for their teenager. On top of that, we’re also more than glad to talk about all of our procedures, processes, and more to keep everyone here safe from the virus, too. 

What Teen Group Therapy Can Do 

We strongly believe that, more than ever, Insight Treatment needs to be there for the community right now. That means staying open, providing safety and comfort. It also means providing the sort of environment for teenagers where they can be teenagers. During this pandemic and these lockdowns, teens haven’t been able to interact with each other safely. It’s almost impossible to overstate the positive benefits of teens being in support groups with those who are going through the same struggles they are. 

A Supportive Environment Teens Want to Come to 

When a new teen comes to our community, they’re almost invariably surprised to see just how welcoming it is. Beyond that, they’re with teenagers who have been right where they are, many of them not all that long ago. By that same token, as your teen advances through our program and new teens arrive, they’ll be able to help those who come after them. Our professionals oversee every aspect of this so that these support groups always stay on task while being safe and supportive, too. 

Always Open, Always Here 

Insight Treatment’s doors are open. We’ll keep them that way for as long as we’re allowed to. Now, maybe more than ever, it’s important for teenagers to be able to get treatment for substance abuse as well as mental health concerns. The toll that these trying times can take on teenagers’ mental health could be staggering indeed. At Insight Treatment, we’ll be able to help in many ways, always while keeping teens safe. No parent should ever have to choose between “keeping their teen safe from COVID-19” and “sending their teen to a treatment facility to get the help that they need.” We can provide the best of both worlds. For more: (888) 295-9995 or fill out our contact form.