Ways Parents Can Help With Mental Health Issues Teenage Kids Face

Mental Health Issues Teenage

Is your child facing some mental health struggles and you aren’t sure what to do? When your kid comes back from Insight Treatment in the evenings, do you want to be able to provide them with as much helpful support as possible? Nothing in life can really prepare you for having a teen who’s struggling with mental health. Obviously, you want to be able to help them as much as possible. You know to “work on yourself,” to protect your own mental health and set a good example. Below are some things you can do to help with mental health issues teenage kids may face. 

Show Concern, Not Blame 

As difficult and/or uncomfortable as it may be, it’s always worth it to start a conversation with your teen about any concerns you may have about their behavior, their life, etc. A good rule of thumb: use questions that can’t just be answered with “yes” or “no” and also show how much you care for them. Something as simple as “Hey, it feels like you’ve been pretty unhappy later. How’s it going” can be just enough to open them up. That way, you’re showing that you’re concerned, but you aren’t blaming them for any of it. 

You Don’t Need a Solution, You Just Need Compassion 

Your teenager, being a teenager, very well may not want to talk, maybe be embarrassed, and so forth. While it may be a challenge, you don’t want to pressure them, interrupt them, or give them a lecture or even a solution. Instead, just listen. Ask them follow-up questions when they do volunteer information. Make it a point, when you can, to talk openly about mental health, to show that it’s something everyone deals with, one way or another. 


A Combination of Health Habits and Fun 

You may have read to this point and thought: “Geez, that sounds great, but it’s tough to get my kid to open up.” Well, some teenagers open up to their parents best when they’re taking part in some activity they enjoy: playing catch, exercising, playing video games, something like that. When you show your teen compassion, when you remind them that you love them, you support them and let them know that things will get better (without any guilt, criticism, and so forth) that can help tremendously at every stage of the process. 

Mental Health Issues Teenage

Helping With the Mental Health Issues Teenage Kids Deal With 

Those are just some of the tips that have worked for parents of teens here at Insight Treatment. Beyond just offering programs for teens, we also have many different kinds of parent groups, too. There, the parents can give each other advice, and provide support, and warmth, all while learning and growing together. There are even private sessions available with our staff for parents, too. To see all of the ways that we can help your teen’s mental health, you can reach us to schedule a free clinical assessment.