When It May Be Time to Get Help for the Mental Health of Teenagers

Have you been wondering if it’s time to get mental health counseling for your teen? Do you want to know what some of the less-obvious signs are that a teen could use help? The truth is that there’s really no downside to reaching out to our experts here at Insight Treatment to see if your teen could benefit from our help. Helping the mental health of teenagers is what we do. Our assessments are free, they’re run by our Clinical Director, and the worst thing that could happen is the Clinical Director says something like “we aren’t in the best position to help you at this time.” 

Dramatic Eating Changes 

It can be very difficult for even the most devoted parents to know exactly when their teenager is struggling with their mental health for many reasons, not the least of which is that adolescence is a time of trying out new things. Your teen is, quite literally, discovering their identity, so they’re going to make many attempts, many changes. Thus, we’re reluctant to say “if your teen goes through too many dramatic changes, it means that they have a mental health problem.” However, we can say that one sign we’ve seen: if your teen loses a lot of weight or gains a lot of weight quickly, that can be a sign of a mental health problem that parents may miss. 

Irritability And/Or Overwhelming Fear 

Teenagers can go through mood swings; they are seen by many as a part of adolescence, of growing up. However, if your teen seems as if they’re unusually irritable, in a way that’s disproportionate to what’s going on, or if they stay that way for an extended period of time, then that could be a sign they could benefit from mental health treatment. By that same token, if your teen seems gripped by worries and fears that overwhelm them, particularly in ways that do not match a given situation, mental health treatments could be right for them. 


Mental Health Teenagers

The Common Signs 

While your teen is going to go through changes just as part of adolescence, so often the changes which signify that a teen could benefit from mental health treatment are negative in nature. If your teen suddenly stops doing as well as they usually had in school, stops going to school, ceases doing the activities that brought them joy, cuts off contact with friends, or other changes that take an adverse toll on your teen’s life, then it’s worth it to reach out. 

Insight Treatment Mental Health Counseling for Teenagers 

Here at Insight Treatment, we have a proven track record of helping teenagers with their mental health and so much more in a variety of ways. A significant part of that is we don’t just treat the teen’s mental health, rather, we treat the underlying causes while helping the teen to develop healthy social skills, coping skills, and so much more. To schedule a free assessment to see how we can be of assistance, you can do so through here.