Insight Treatment Hour – Family Therapy – October 25, 2021

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, our host Karissa Provost talks with her guest, Leisha Borja on family therapy and trauma. Karissa starts off the show by talking with Leisha about the various traumas that teens deal with at school or with their own families. Leisha happens to be a licensed marriage and family therapist that is located locally here in Santa Clarita. Leisha’s practice is known as, Thriving Lotus Therapy, and they deal with varying types of mental trauma.

Later in the show, Karissa and Leisha talk more about trauma for teens. Listen in as Karissa and Leisha talk about trauma, therapy, and Thriving Lotus Therapy. For more information about Leisha Borja and her practice, Thriving Lotus Therapy, please check out her website by clicking here!