Is it Time for Teen Alcohol Treatment?

In a better world, teens would never drink alcohol but we don’t live in that world. Sure, the legal limit is 21 and teens shouldn’t drink alcohol, but sometimes they’re going to. That being said, not every single kid that has a drink before they turn 21 has an addiction, or some kind of serious problem that requires the help of a teen alcohol treatment facility. If you catch your kid having a drink, that’s a serious matter. Below, we’ve laid out some signs to look for if your child might have a serious problem. 

Sudden Drops in Their Grades

No one wants their child to drink, but if a kid has one beer at a party on a Friday night, odds are it isn’t going to affect the test they’re taking the following Wednesday. But, if a kid has several beers on Friday, and then on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and onward, that can lead to a rapid decline in their schoolwork. If you believe that your child has started to abuse alcohol and then their grades drop, you may have real reason to worry. 

Teen Alcohol Treatment Facility: Their Habits and Physical Appearance Change Quickly 

Adolescence is a time for kids to explore their identity. It’s almost a cliche at this point: the teen that tries one identity one week and then is a completely different person the next. This is all part of the process of discovering who they are. However, if they go through many obvious negative changes, then you may want to get them help. If suddenly they gain or lose a lot of weight while also having bloodshot eyes, acting out, getting a new group of friends while acting even more secretive than normal, that could be a sign. Everything mentioned in the last paragraph is something that a teen could conceivably do: it’s when they do them all at once that it might be time to seek help. 

teen alcohol treatment facility

Abuse of Alcohol is a Symptom 

When a kid abuses alcohol, it’s not because they just love the taste or partying that much or something. When they have an addiction, it comes from somewhere. These may be issues that they’ve been dealing with for some time, and the addiction to alcohol is just a manifestation of that. As scary as it can be, there is help. At Insight Treatment, our team has been helping teenagers for more than two decades to get the help that they need. 

Facilities Your Teens Will Appreciate 

In the 25 years we’ve been helping teens, the definition of what’s cool has changed many, many times. We’ve made sure that our facilities have the kinds of activities that give teens the opportunity to socialize in a safe, protected environment. So, no matter which of our teen alcohol treatment facility you and your teen come to, you’ll find a place where the kid can grow and recover. You can even take a virtual tour at our site. To set up an initial consultation with us where we’ll see how we can help, call (888) 295-9995.