Real Teen Counseling for Real Teen Issues

Are you looking for teen counseling for your teen but all of the available options seem like they were designed for adults? Does it feel like everything for teenagers wasn’t really made with them in mind? That’s what we felt when we looked at the Southern California counseling and treatment landscape. In fact, it’s a major part of what caused us to found Insight Treatment: we wanted a place that would treat teenagers as teenagers, providing them with the services and level of care that they needed. 

Teen Counseling from Professionals 

Each of our trained, experienced therapists and counselors know how to treat teenagers. Indeed, that was the focus of their education as well as their prior work experience. Teenagers are not yet fully adults but they certainly aren’t “little kids,” either, so to speak. So, to best reach them, they have to be treated properly. That said, of course, experienced counselors and therapists are also accessible to parents, too,  as we’re here to guide and support all members of the family. 

Help with Drugs, Alcohol, and More 

When we started Insight Treatment, it was one of the first (if not the first) drug and alcohol outpatient treatment programs for teens in the Southern California area. While that’s still a major part of what we do, we’ve expanded beyond that. Now, we offer a mental health program, too. It’s similar to drug and alcohol treatment in that it explores the underlying causes of teens’ problems (which often manifest as addiction). By discovering and identifying those underlying causes, we can help the teen to move beyond them, thus being able to live the life that they want. 

Not Just Counseling for Teens, an Environment for Them, Too 

Our fundamental belief is that teens need to feel that they belong to a community of their peers. Teens are their own people, with their own independent struggles, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. That said, study after study (as well as our own experience) has repeatedly shown that they open up best and express emotional pain and concerns when they feel safe, when they feel they’re in an environment they’re a part of. So, each of our facilities was designed to be as welcoming as possible from the beginning. Through our fun, creative clubhouse environment, teens can relax and build positive relationships with their peers while growing and overcoming their challenges. 

Our Doors are Always Open, Literally and Figuratively 

As of this writing, our doors are open. The COVID-19 pandemic has been so difficult for so many. We always sought to keep our doors open, so that teens as well as their families could have somewhere they could rely on. Of course, we were able to do that because our staff has done everything possible to be in compliance with all relative safety guidelines. “Building a safe environment for teens” encompasses quite a bit. To talk to someone about how we can help or even just to get more info, call (888) 295-9995. Contact us online.