Determining if Your Teen Needs Counseling

The life of a teenager as he or she goes through adolescence can be quite a series of highs and lows. While many teens are able to navigate the world, work through issues and face adversity and come out well on the other side, there are many teens that cannot do the same thing. The difficulties some teens face can be overwhelming to them to the point where they have problems coping physically, emotionally and psychologically. It can be tough for you as a parent to see just when your teen may be in trouble and in need of help, but there are some signs that you can look for that can help you determine if your child is need of teen counseling.

A Change in Mood

While many people chalk up the many moods of the teenager as the typical teenager attitude or teen angst that most teens experience at one time or another, if you notice significant mood changes or mood swings in your child, this could be a sign of trouble. If your teen seems to experience long bouts of sadness lasting for days or weeks, to the point where they withdraw from the family and their friends, you want to take action. Some teens may also experience long stretches of anger, anxiety or worry. Any time you feel that your child’s mood is out of the norm for them and causes you concern, you want to take the time to speak with them to see if there is something going on.

Determining if Your Teen Needs Counseling

Changes in Habits

You may also find that your child has deviated from their normal routine and the habits they have. If your child seems to sleep for many hours more than usual, changes their eating habits, has trouble with school where they did not before or withdraws from clubs and activities that they previously enjoyed, you may have reasons for concern. Their behavior may warrant talking to them and seeing if they are in need of the help that teen counseling can provide for them.

Counseling Services for Teenagers

Here at Insight Treatment, we can provide just the teen counseling you child may need at this time. We offer counseling services that are directed towards teens and young adults, and we will work closely with your child and customize a treatment plan to get them they help they need. You can learn about what we can do when you come to our website at You can also give us a call at 800-599-8820 to speak with a staff member, ask questions and learn what you can do to help your child and get them the treatment that can help them.