Drug Abuse Treatment in Modesto for Teens Arrives

drug abuse treatment in Modesto
Have you been looking for drug or alcohol treatment for your teen, but don’t want to have to drive far away from Modesto? Does it seem like all of the places that could help your child are far away? At Insight Treatment, one of our goals is always to help as many teens and their parents as possible. So, we’re proud to announce that our drug abuse treatment in Modesto for teens facility is finally open. Now, we’ll be able to better serve teens and their parents in Modesto and the surrounding area that much better. 


A Place for Teens that Treats Teens 

One of our core beliefs at Insight Treatment is that treatment for teens should be, well, for teens. So, we’ve designed our facilities to be the kind of place that teens would actually want to go to. That means that teens can come here and it isn’t just therapy, counseling, and education all of the time (although there is plenty of that). Additionally, there are computers. There are games. There are places for the teens to relax and just hang out. During this time, we’re able to offer all of that in a safe from COVID-19 fashion, too. It’s always been challenging being a teen, and this time can be worse than others. We’re always here as a resource. 


Professional Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment in Modesto for Teens 

Whenever we staff any of our Insight Treatment facilities, we always look for the best. That means finding the most highly qualified therapists, counselors, and medical professionals of course. But, “highly-qualified” isn’t just a reference to degrees and education. We also look for therapists and counselors who are supportive, who can connect to the teens, who are empathetic and easy to talk to. Only those who meet all of our high standards are accepted. 


Teen Group Therapy With an Actual Group of Modesto Teens 

At Modesto, like all of our other facilities, there will be teen group therapy. When teens see other teens going through the same challenges and experiences that they are, it can really make a positive impact. They can learn from those who might be a bit further down the road than they are, all while developing important social skills that will serve them through life. Moreover, as they continue here at Insight, they’ll eventually become something for newer teens to learn from. 


The First Step to Take 

We are beyond excited that we’re able to open our new Modesto facility. The next step, then, is to reach out to us. We understand just how challenging that can be. If you feel that your child is struggling with drugs, alcohol, depression, or something similar, it’s never a bad idea to reach out. We can perform a thorough evaluation to determine exactly what’s going on and how we can best help your family. For more information, you can message us through our site or give us a call at (888) 295-9995.