Teen Rehab early intervention

Insight’s Teen Rehab Early Intervention Program is designed for teens that are beginning to experience problems with social functioning, peers, family members, their self-image, or are experimenting with drugs or alcohol. This group helps teens explore adolescent issues in a safe and structured environment, while learning life skills that will help them achieve their goals and experience a sense of competency and positive self-image.

Early Intervention teen rehab provides services for teens whose behaviors are beginning to change. A drop in grades, changes in peer groups, or problems at home or school are all signs that your teen may benefit from services designed to intervene on problem behaviors before they escalate. Psycho-educational and skill building groups, as well as individual or family therapy provided by therapists specializing in issues of early adolescence can help your teen thrive as he/she navigates the complicated issues associated with adolescence and young adulthood.