SFV-EAPA Meeting February 24, 2012

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San Fernando Valley Employee Assistance Professionals Association

How To Manage the Effects of Divorce
on Job Performance
We can help with that!
February SFV-EAPA Meeting

SFV-EAPA Meeting
Friday, February 24
8:30 am Networking
9-11 am Program
New Location! Insight Treatment Center. 14156 Magnolia Blvd. Suite #101, Sherman Oaks, Ca.
February Topic
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Because of the high number of employees affected by divorce and the depth of detail that will be provided at this presentation, please RSVP as soon as possible. Seating is limited.

    RSVP: 818.759.9999      or go to our website
Dear Joanne,

Few life events are more distracting and disruptive on job performance than DIVORCE! Divorce affects an employee six ways; Emotionally, Relationally, Physically, Financially, Legally and through Loss of job time.


How to Manage the Effects of DIVORCE on Job Performance describes how each of these areas of affect disrupts the employee’s ability to perform at their highest productive level and what the EAP can do to mitigate the negative affects through guidance, support, structuring and referral resource.


This presentation is specifically designed for the benefit of the EAP. It is not targeted to the individual experiencing divorce. Our presenters will discuss the EAP’s most productive role in helping the afflicted employee continue to operate at a high production level, and, perhaps more valuably, help the employee use the divorce experience as an instructive opportunity to acquire new skills that will enhance and improve their job performance.

Rudy Gartner, Sagestones.net

SFV-EAPA Meeting
February Speakers Topic
                 How To Manage The Effects of Divorce
On Job Performance

This Session Will Cover How Divorce Affects
Employees:Emotionally, Relationally, Physically
       Financially, Legally, and with Loss of Job Time;       and what the EAP can do to help the employee
maintain a high level of job performance!
Presented By: Rudy Gartner, Director of Sagestones: Family Law and Mediation Service and Donna Dar-land, LMFT, Divorce Mediation Specialist. Rudy is a Divorce Mediation Specialist with 18 years of experience guiding individuals and cou-ples through the divorce process. Donna Dar-land, LMFT has been licensed for over ten years, prior to becoming a therapist, Donna was a pub-lic school teacher. Both job experiences prepared her well for divorce mediation!
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