What a Program for Teen Substance Abuse in Modesto Looks Like

As a parent of a teenager struggling with addiction, you might be just as unsure as them in regards to how to help them. After all, this is a complicated subject matter, so how does one approach treatment for it? Well, let us walk you through what a program for teen substance abuse in Modesto looks like and how we can help.


Intensive Outpatient Program

In order to achieve long-term sobriety, it’s important that patients go through an intensive treatment that not only helps them deal with the effects of addiction but also prepares them to maintain their accomplishments indefinitely. Teenagers are particularly susceptible to long-term addiction patterns if their habits aren’t addressed promptly, so it’s good for them to go through an intensive rehabilitation program that gives them the tools to overcome this problem while they are still young. In order for the patient to reach reliable and sustainable results, we focus on two main components: addiction treatment and relapse prevention. Allow us to introduce you to what these consist of.


Addiction Treatment

First of all, it’s important to understand that addiction treatment is not that simple. It is, after all, a medical treatment that involves physiological and psychological components with no exact answers. These two aspects of the program collaborate with the patient in order to determine the different causes behind their substance abuse and properly address them throughout the treatment. It’s very important to understand that there is no one solution when it comes to something as complex as substance abuse, which is why this process is scary for a lot of young people. It will involve as much self-reflection and therapy as it will medical treatments, so it’s not as, say, predictable as other treatments. Still, as difficult as it might be, it’s a very important process for those struggling with teen substance abuse in Modesto.


Relapse Prevention

When dealing with substance abuse, it’s not enough to simply treat the condition. If you go through an accident, for example, that incapacitates your legs for a period of time, part of the recovery process will be learning to walk again with the new conditions. With substance abuse, the recovery will involve learning how not to fall under patterns of addiction again, which will include learning to use emotional tools and coping mechanisms, as well as addressing the root causes of the abuse and treating the person as a whole. Additionally, the process will also implement the development of new skills and relationships in order to better guide the patient through their recovery and beyond the treatment. We don’t want them to just be sober for now, we want them to be sober for life.


Teen Substance Abuse in Modesto

When it comes to helping patients, particularly young ones, with addiction, the most important component is that they are able to recover in a safe environment that allows them to do the hard work required by the treatment. That is what we aim to provide here at Insight Treatment. Our intensive outpatient program for teen substance abuse in Modesto can help those who are struggling with addiction pave a new path for themselves in a way that is effective both on the short and the long term. To learn more about this process, just give us a call at (209) 299-2880 and we’ll be with you.