A Teen Drug Rehab for Teens and Their Families

Do you want to send your child to a teen drug rehab program but don’t feel that it’s right for them? Have you been researching teen treatment facilities and yet, it may not seem like any of them are actually a good fit for teens? If so, you aren’t alone. So many rehabs that say they’re “for teens” really are adult rehab centers that may have some resources for teens (if that). We designed Insight Treatment to be a place that’s specifically for teens and teens alone. That way, your child gets the treatment they deserve. 

teen drug rehab

Teen Drug Rehab that Understands Teens 

The teenage years are unlike any other years in a person’s life. So, they can’t be treated like someone at a different stage of life. Interacting with them like they’re small children or as fully grown adults would be a disservice to them. That’s why we created an IOP environment where teenagers can be teenagers. Here, they can find safety. Every teenager is different, with different experiences and strengths, but just about every teenager will really only open up to others when they feel safe. 


A Place for Teens to Grow and Experience 

Of course, for them to feel safe and want to open up, that doesn’t come from adults telling them “you’re safe here” over and over again. Instead, it’s a “show, don’t tell” kind of thing. We specifically designed the environments of our facilities to be somewhere they can have fun. Really, “facilities” is such a cold and sterile word for what we’ve made. It’s more of a creative, clubhouse environment. So, teens come here and, between everything else, they relax. Building positive relationships, through playing games and so much else is just part of what we do here. An office doesn’t work for most teens – that’s why we’ve built somewhere they’ll like. 


Support for Teens and Their Families 

We know that when treating teenagers, their family has to be involved. All members of the family need support and guidance so that the teenager can lead their best life. So, in our environments, we have weekly Parent Groups, Multi-Family Groups, and more. Between those and individual family therapy sessions, everyone can get support and guidance from professional, experienced counselors. We can support families in supporting their teens. 


Our Facilities are Always Open 

Hopefully, by the time you read this blog, the pandemic will have ended. However, that’s probably unlikely. We know that regardless of a pandemic or anything else, there are teenagers and their families who could use support. So, our doors are open as long as they’re legally allowed to be open. It may seem like there’s no way to get help for any number of reasons. However, there is help and there is hope. It may not come all at once, it may take some time, but we can help with those core issues that drive maladaptive coping behaviors. To schedule a free initial assessment with our Clinical Director, message us through the site or call (888) 295-9995.