Going To Extremes: Eating Disorders

Author: CNN Health

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental health disease in America. Take a look at these statistics from the National Eating Disorders Association.

Eating Disorders

Americans With Eating Disorders:

-13 million binge eat

-10 million women battle anorexia or bulimia

-1 million men battle anorexia or bulimia

Body Sizes:

-Average American women is 5’4”, weighing 140 lbs.

-Average female fashion model is 5’11”, weighing 110 lbs.

Dieting Industry:

$40 billion a year = 400 million monthly weight watchers passes OR 570 million boxes of Alli (weight-loss drug).

Eating Disorder Related Hospitalizations:

-18% overall

-37% among men

-119% among children under 12 years old


-80% of all 10 year old’s are afraid of being fat

-42% of all 1st through 3rd grade girls want to be thinner


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