How to Address Normal Teenage Behavioral Problems

Teenagers aren’t always easy and being a good parent can include trying times filled with uncertainty and confusion. You want to create a trusting, close relationship with your kids but it can mean facing many different roadblocks on the way to that destination. Teenagers dealing with behavioral problems is an entirely normal part of their growth but dealing with them as a parent can be difficult. You can learn how to deal and how to understand what they are going through if you have the patience to work through it and the knowledge of common problems to expect. Insight Treatment Center also have programs such as teen treatment for behavior problems.

You may be starting in a place where you are wondering if you child’s behavior is even ‘normal’ but what is normal teenage behavior. You’re not alone in asking yourself that question. Its entirely normal for your teen to be moody due to their hormonal changes. They also can be more tired that you may expect because although they are tiny adults they still have developing lungs and other developing processes going on that can sap them of their energy. There are plenty of problem behaviors to be wary of that go beyond your usual moodiness.

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These behavioral issues can be seen when your teen is seeking out drugs, sex or alcohol. With peer pressure and other factors playing a role your child is probably curious about these activities and it’s totally normal for them to be curious. It may be that their friend group is experimenting with these things which means its safe to assume that your teen may be as well. Behaviors like this can (but don’t always) lead to drug and alcohol abuse. If you want to curb any of this behavior you can talk about it with your teen. Make it clear that you don’t approve or make you stance known on the subject. The last thing you want to do it react inflammatory as it could push your teen away from feeling they can be open with you on the subject. Avoid an accusatory tone so that your teen doesn’t shut down. Remember that this isn’t a lecture but a conversation. You teen will one day be an adult and treating them as an adult during serious talks can only help them to feel like they are apart of a conversation, not a scolding.

Another issue you may notice in your household is that your teen is turning to their phone quite frequently. This can be very frustrating as a parent but is really a ‘sign’ of the times. Our entire world is happening online these days and its becoming harder, even for adults, to disconnect and live in the moment. As a parent you’re probably worried about who your teen is texting and what their online activities are. With so much nefarious behavior happening on social media you don’t want to panic and assume the worst of your child. You especially don’t want to ban them from their phone. They are a teenager, they will find a way and they might know a bit more about tech than you do. A great way to know what your teen is up to is to have a conversations with them. Show that your interested in their world and what goes on on social media. If you feel the need you can impose rules in the house (no phones at the dinner table or for X hours in the evening). It’s a your house, your rules environment so deciding the best course is up to you. Read our Part Two on Teen Behavioral issues to learn more about how to work with your teen.