How to Tell if Teen Counseling for Depression is Necessary In the Pandemic

Are you wondering if your teen is more depressed than usual during the pandemic? Do you think sometimes that your child is just “being a moody teen,” and other times, worry that something more serious is going on? If so, you’re like millions of other parents. Just about none of us have lived through a time like this one. It’s challenging for parents and teenagers alike. At Insight Treatment, our teen counseling for depression services can help in a multitude of ways in this time and any other. 


Teen Isolation During the Pandemic 


Even during normal times, many teenagers will spend copious amounts of time in their room. That doesn’t necessarily mean, in and of itself, that they’re suffering from depression. Even now, during the pandemic, when parents and other family members may literally always be in the house, the room could serve as a kind of oasis, a place to “get away from everything.” However, if your team takes all of their meals alone in the room, or just flat out doesn’t leave, then that can be a sign that they’re dealing with depression. 

teen counseling for depression

Signs to Watch for


It’s perfectly natural and understandable for your teenager to feel “down” during this time. Disruptive (to say the least) and stressful, this is a difficult time for everyone. However, if your teenager suddenly goes through dramatic changes in their eating habits, that could be a sign they need help. To be clear, that’s true in both cases: whether they’re eating too much or eating too little. Either can be a clear case that they’re suffering from depression. Another clear sign: dramatic alteration in their sleeping patterns. Some teens react to depression by sleeping too much. Others barely sleep at all. Really, it doesn’t have to be “either-or,” but rather if it’s a momentous change in behavior for your teen. 


Thinking and Feeling 


Many teenagers who suffer from depression during this time have real trouble focusing and concentrating for very long. It could even be difficult for them to think about something too in-depth or for too long a time. That can also tie into feeling empty or just flat out hopeless. While these feelings are understandable at a time like this, something can be done. It’s not something that you or your teen should just have to live with. We can help. 


Teen Counseling for Depression Solutions 


At Insight Treatment, we’re able to help in many different ways. For example, at our Santa Clarita facility, teens will be able to interact with each other in a safe, socially distanced manner. With more than 5,000 square feet as well as top-notch air flow, there’s essentially minimal risk of infection. This can be just the boost that your teen needs to better manage the challenge of these days, to come out stronger on the other end. Zoom meetings and parent support groups are available as well. To learn more: (661) 765-8445.