Insight Treatment Hour – Naeem’s Story – September 19, 2022

Host: Frederick Schulin

Guest: Naeem Veera, Molly Veera, Lisa Dixon

Topic: Naeem’s Story

On this episode of Insight Treatment Hour, Frederick welcomes in Naeem Veera and his mother Molly Veera to discuss Naeem’s journey through the Insight Treatment Center. Along with Lisa Dixon, Insight Treatment’s Admission Director,  Naeem’s reflects on his experiences and discusses some of the signs both he and Molly noticed as early as kindergarten.

“I would go through periods of isolating myself for a while, because I didn’t want to burden anyone. I did everything I could to kind of stay out of the way, I never really came to people with my issues,” Naeem said.

Molly also discusses how as a parent it was difficult for her and her husband to come to understand Naeem and not feel responsible for their child’s difficulties. Finding other parents and children going through similar experiences provided their entire family with relief to know they weren’t the only family to go through a similar experience.

Listen to Frederick, Naeem, Molly, and Lisa discuss Naeem’s journey right here!