Insight’s Summer Program starts this week!

Our Summer Program includes academic support for those attending summer school, recreational activities such as beach days, yoga at the park, escape rooms, laser tag, hiking, and even trips to Knotts Berry Farm! We also incorporate functional life skills such as cooking lessons, laundry instruction, or even changing the oil in a car. Here at Insight, we also believe in promoting positive relationships within the community so we also incorporate community service into our summer program including volunteering and beach clean-ups.

Summer Program

We understand that the end of school does mean less structure and more free time for some of our clients, so we want to make sure that we are providing as much support in a structured and monitored environment as possible. Ultimately, we want our clients to have a chance to enjoy themselves and have some fun, while learning some new skills along the way! If you are at all interested in having your teen join us for Summer Day Program, it’s not too late! Please contact Steven, our Lead Academic Coordinator at