OCD And Teen Anxiety Are Discussed By Psychologist On Insight Teen Hour

One of the first drug and alcohol outpatient treatment programs for teens in Los Angeles, Insight Treatment Center has evolved into more, and now helps teens with mental health struggles.
Insight Treatment addresses mental health struggles families and teens face in today’s world, including things like depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
Dr. Michelle Witkin, a licensed Santa Clarita psychologist, spoke on the Insight Teen Hour about OCD and Teen anxiety.
“I like to say there’s three parts to OCD: part one, obsessions,” Dr. Witkin said. “Obsessions are just basically, ‘I have a thought or an image or an urge that shows up in my own head, and I don’t like it and it keeps showing up.”
OCD And Teen Anxiety
Witkin describes how the obsession leads to a compulsive action, such as checking or reviewing to ensure that the scary image or idea is not real or did not occur.
Visiting a spot that the fear is connected to, saying a prayer obsessively, etc. can resemble compulsions, which lead to the disorder aspect.
“Insight Treatment Programs are recognized as a leader in Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) for teens, (13-19 years of age), struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse issues,” the Center’s website reads.
Insight Treatment Center’s expert staff are phenomenal at treating teens dealing with substance addiction or mental health issues like depression and OCD.
Healing deep-rooted wounds or struggles and reestablishing connections between teens, their peers and their families is an important goal at Insight.
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