Remote and In-Person Treatment with At-Risk Adolescents, Virtual Event May 11th 11am-12pm

In these trying times, in-person treatment is even more important to provide teens with a community to validate their feelings and a program to give them a foundation in a world that feels uncertain. Insight believes that our community needs us more than ever to be the concrete for our families and teens right now.
Our doors are open and will remain open for as long as we are allowed to so that we can provide in-person treatment for each and every client. Our program has also begun integrating remote Telehealth for those families who are unable to attend due to a health issue/reason but who also want to remain connected to their insight community.
 As a team, we continue to monitor the recommendations of medical professionals in the management of the COVID-19 virus and strive to exceed the standards of safety to allow our families to feel confident in the care that they are receiving in each of our three facilities.
Stay safe and take care!
Dr. Trevor Small, Psy.D.
Director Of Clinical Development
Remote and In-Person Treatment with At-Risk Adolescents