San Fernando Valley Drug Recovery and More

The Insight Treatment Center offers Pasadena and San Fernando Valley drug recovery. This consists of many different kinds of treatment, but one of the core parts of our treatment is the “Intensive Outpatient” program. In this particular kind of treatment, the teen stays at home and they go to school. Additionally, they come to our location for four days a week in the late afternoon. In those four days a week, they’ll have three to four hours of intensive and effective therapy.

Recovery Skills and Life Skills

To help a teen reach and maintain long-term sobriety, it requires quite a bit. Ongoing intensive treatment is a major part as is a strong support network. On top of that, they’ll also need recovery skills, too. That’s a significant portion of what we impart at our intensive outpatient recovery. Teens don’t just learn the life skills that can help them to cope; they develop and use the life skills, too. This isn’t a lecture or anything like that. Rather, it’s a supportive environment that nurtures the development life skills; so that teens will be able to use these skills once they’re left the Insight Treatment Center, too. Moreover, our clinicians make sure that they learn these skills and utilize them throughout treatment; from the day they’re explained to the day they walk out the door for good.

San Fernando Valley drug recovery

Individualized Plans

Just as with everything else, some teens will need different life skills than others. Here at Insight, we’ve been doing this for a long time. Our addiction specialists and clinicians know how to implement and develop life skills in teens. The thousands of teens we’ve helped to lead happy, productive lives is a testament to that. Now, we can put those skills to use for your teens. By developing a plan that’s exactly right for your teen and your teen alone, we’re better able to tailor treatments just for your teen’s specific needs.

What Treatment Entails

Life skill building is a critical, necessary part of our treatment, but it’s only one part. On top of that, we also go to great lengths to stress relapse prevention, too. Getting over drugs and alcohol is an incredible, difficult achievement. Staying off of them, particularly once you’re out of treatment, is even more difficult. This particular treatment focuses on that, making sure that teens have all of the attributes, skills, and practice they need to face life head-on once they exit Insight.

Our San Fernando Valley Drug Recovery

You can find our San Fernando location in Van Nuys, right at 6627 Valjean Ave. We understand that you might be unsure if Insight is right for you and your teen. That’s why we offer a free two to three-hour clinical assessment for your teen. The entire family can be present for this too so that we can help you to make the best decision for both you and your family. Schedule that today by giving us a call at (888) 295-9995.