Teen Counseling: What Parents Need to Know

Teen Counseling

Teen counseling is not something many parents think about daily, but it is essential to be aware of their kids’ activities after school. With all the pressures of school and social environment, sometimes teenagers need someone outside the home to help them understand their feelings better. When teens enter high school, they gain more freedom as their parents allow them additional responsibilities. It means they have more time apart from parental presence during the day. It makes it easier for teens to meet new people who may influence them negatively or get involved with drugs and alcohol. If you notice that your kid’s behavior is changed or find it challenging to be productive daily, then teen counseling can help.

What Does The Latest Teen Counseling Statistics Say?

According to reports, around 13.6% of American children aged between 5 and 17 had received mental health treatment in 2019. In addition, about 8% of the children took prescription medication from their mental health doctors. These numbers show that several teens need counseling at some point in time, and it makes them more confident as it changes how they think and perceives things.

Teen Counseling

What Do Parents Need To Know About It?

There are so many misconceptions around the term itself when it comes to counseling. However, they need to understand that counseling is only an interactive manner to find & fix problems that kids might face in their everyday lives. Following are the key aspects that parents need to know:

It’s Completely Safe:

This type of counseling is safe and effective in dealing with bullying, anger management, depression, etc. However, if you believe that your kid is not ready to receive counseling services, it’s better to talk to their teachers and school administrators first.

It Doesn’t Mean Therapy:

Sometimes parents misjudge counseling as “therapy” because therapists are considered experts who work directly with the individual. On the other hand, counselors focus on identifying problems through listening skills rather than fixing them themselves. Also, counselors provide strategies and techniques for coping with day-to-day challenges; hence they help students build self-esteem.

There Is More To Gain Out Of It:

Counseling has many benefits, such as building trust, resolving conflicts more maturely, having better communication between you and your kids, etc. In addition, once your kid feels comfortable with their counselor, they are likely to open up about things troubling them or how they feel in certain circumstances.

It Pretty Straightforward:

Many parents don’t allow their kids to go for counseling because of the fear that they may be more depressed. However, there is no risk of depression when receiving counseling services. In reality, it has been found that teens can gain more insight into themselves and why they feel specific ways about particular issues by talking to counselors. As a result, they learn better coping mechanisms and improve on things in life where they struggle.

Why Should Parents Pay Attention To It?

Counseling helps your children develop into better individuals as their counselor provides them with various options & strategies on how to deal with specific situations. Their counselors may also become good friends for your son or daughter, meaning you trust someone other than yourself to guide your kid and provide them with proper guidance.

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