Finding the Best Teen Rehab Program

teen rehab

Outpatient Teen Rehabilitation Program

At Insight Treatment, our recognized intensive outpatient treatment program functions on the belief that troubled teens can only be helped by addressing the many variables in their lives from all angles. Our dedicated staff treats a number of adolescent issues by attending to psychological, emotional, spiritual, academic, familial and biological aspects of our patient’s lives. In addition to offering our young patients individualized treatment plans that are tailored specifically to their families goals. Furthermore, in order to provide teens the opportunity to work through family issues and establish supportive relationships within their school environment, our outpatient teen rehabilitation program works to treat teens while they remain in school and are living at home. We’ve found that this helps troubled teens and their parents practice the new skills that they’ve acquired at Insight Treatment’s Outpatient Teen Rehab Program. This way, our patients and their families are able to address problems in real time, while also helping the entire family continue to interact in a positive and healthy manner.

teen rehab

Holding onto Hope

Insight Treatment’s Individualized Treatment Plans

Because we take into account so many variables in the mental and physical health of our patients, we’ve found that the best course of action for effective treatment calls for individualized treatment for teen rehab plans. Whether your troubled teen is suffering with drug or alcohol abuse, general depression, negative behavioral patterns or self-harming behaviors, our experienced staff is prepared to help. By tailoring wellness plans targeted at your teens area of discourse, our individualized therapeutic treatment methods work to address feelings of inadequacy with empowerment. By doing so, we can help our patients open their day to day outlook enough to develop the skills necessary to maneuver through adolescence with ease.

Rapid Cognitive Development

“The stage in life in which the individual’s thoughts start taking more of an abstract form and the ego centric thoughts decrease allowing the individual to think and reason with a wider perspective.”

                                                     -Jean Piaget on Adolescence

While coming into adulthood, adolescents are aggressively confronted both physically and mentally. While transitioning into teen-hood, children are faced with rapid cognitive development which provides them with new mental abilities like abstract thinking, metacognition, identity development, social roles and body image awareness. While this short list of mental changes may already seem overwhelming, they only begin to scratch the surface of the new and sometimes frightening changes your teen may be facing. At Insight, our goal is to help teens that are struggling with these changes, find the tools that they need to transition through adolescence with ease.

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