Teen Treatment for Self Harming Behaviors: How We Make a Difference

Teen Treatment for Self Harming Behaviors

Some teens develop the habit of harming themselves, and they end up causing severe damage. Unfortunately, most teens hide this from everyone, and the parents get to know about it late. Thus, it’s essential to seek professional teen treatment for self-harming behaviors to help them recover faster.

What Do teens self-harming statistics look like?

According to a survey, in 2017, there were more than 40,000 first-time admissions due to self-injury, and many of them were in serious condition. In addition, only 50% of teens ask for help for self-harm from their friends and not from professionals.

Teen Treatment for Self Harming Behaviors

Why is self-harming behavior found among teens?

There are various reasons why teens indulge in self-harm. There is a strong connection between mental health issues and self-harming behavior among teens. It includes depression, bipolar disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc. All this leads to low mood swings, inability to handle the situation and keep calm.

Furthermore, teenagers often replace their aggression with anger, and they harm themselves as a release for it. Thus, teen treatment for self-harming behaviors helps them stop hurting themselves and channel their energy positively towards life.

If your child is affected by any of the above factors and has started indulging in self-harm, seek professional help immediately at Insight Treatment.

How Insight Treatment makes a difference?

We at Insight Treatment strive to resolve the issue of self-harm from its roots. With more than 20 years of experience, we understand teens’ psychology better and offer personalized treatment. Our experts explore the root cause of why your child is harming themselves and then devise a treatment plan accordingly.

Insight Treatment believes in equipping teens with tools and techniques they can use themselves to heal and move forward with their lives.

We understand the pain and emotions of the child better than any other center, which gives us an edge over others. Thus, we adopt various methods like CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), art therapy, etc., that help them handle these feelings effectively.

Insight Treatment offers a personalized treatment plan to help your child recover from self-harm issues. With years of experience, we have been successfully treating teens with self-harming behaviors and have also helped their parents understand them better.

Many programs are for 90 days only, and they focus on the root cause. We provide a holistic teen treatment for self-harming behaviors so that your child’s focus stays on healing.

Insight Treatment’s unique approach

We follow a personalized and unique approach towards treating teenagers with self-harming behaviors. Along with medication and daily routine, we also indulge them in interactive fun activities.

We also make sure that parents get to know about their child’s progress and understand them better. It helps them guide the child better and helps them grow faster.

Insight Treatment also provides you with various teen treatment programs that cover the entire spectrum of self-harming behaviors. We have designed our programs keeping long-term benefits in mind. We follow a natural process to ensure teens can get back to their lives with no side effects.

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